Youth Testimonials

Leadership UA Youth Program Testimonials

This is what past students are saying about Leadership UA’s Youth Program:

“I really enjoyed Leadership UA my freshman year.  This group gave me the advice I needed to step out of my shell in school in order to lead my peers and myself into a better life.  Also, this group started me on a great path of community service with the Boys and Girls Club and homeless shelters.”

– Holly Holsopple Class of 2010

“The UA Youth Leadership Program reinforced to me how important it is to give back to the community, and that you are never to young to start. Through fundraising, we were sucessful in meeting our dollar goal, and with those funds, threw a party for the children at the Boys and Girls Club East Side. During our tours of various shelters, I was quickly reminded how important it is to get busy and help. The year long program was a humbling experience.”

– Catherine Plasket Class of 2010

“My son Ameya participated in this program 3 years ago, and benefited tremendously from the exposure provided by it.   He has been part of the Junior Statesman of America (JSA) Program for the past 3 years and has started a JSA chapter at UAHS.  Last year, he worked closely with the “Highschoolers for Haiti” program at UAHS, which raised money for the survivors of the earthquake Haiti.  He is currently doing a project with an organization called “Nothing But Nets”, which raises funds for providing mosquito nets to people in Africa to prevent malaria.”

– Ashish Deshmukh, parent of Ameya Deshmukh Class of 2007