Adult Project

Leadership UA Adult Program Community Project

In our adult leadership classes, participants identify needs within our community and create class projects to fulfill these needs. Depending upon the scope of the project, our classes may complete more than one project.

The Leadership UA Class of 2017’s Class Project:


Upper Arlington Neighbors Love Their Community

Leadership Upper Arlington Spearheaded Successful Six-Word Project

Upper Arlington, OH- What’s to love about Upper Arlington (UA)?  At the top of the list is schools, its people, sense of community, the parks and safety of the area.  This information was gathered over the course of a month this winter from hundreds of Upper Arlington residents,

employees and friends through an initiative where they could share their personal love stories about Upper Arlington in just six words.  The project was coordinated by the 2017 Class of Leadership Upper Arlington in collaboration with Larry Smith’s “Six In the City: Columbus”

project (

The program was hosted within schools, libraries, and businesses across the city.

Here are some six-word love story examples from across the City:

  • “Green spaces for children to grow”
  • “The teachers throw kindness like confetti”
  • “Centrally located community, rideable for families”
  • “A place that encourages community involvement”
  • “Older adults are cherished and respected”
  • “Great businesses, great people, fun times”

“We were impressed with the amount of participation by our local businesses as well as neighbors and friends,” said Haley Callahan, a member of the 2017 Leadership Upper Arlington class.  “It was exciting to see and be reminded of the many reasons why UA residents love this incredible neighborhood.”

Leadership Upper Arlington classmates were inspired to host the six-word story initiative throughout the neighborhood based on the Six-Word Memoirs concept created by Larry Smith, a Columbus resident.  Smith’s Six-Word Memoirs has been utilized by local and national groups alike from Pelotonia and the

Columbus Museum of Art to the ACLU and Volkswagen’s MINI Cooper.  The initiative was a way for individuals to express themselves around a positive unifying concept- in this case the community of Upper Arlington.

The 2017 Leadership Upper Arlington class envisioned this project as a way for community members to build a closer connection and become part of something larger than themselves.

“Not only did this project open the hearts and minds of residents,” shares Debbie Johnson, Mayor of UA, “but we also were able to see the core values of our community members shine through.  I can personally relate to the top mentioned themes and these ideals help drive my decision-making process within the community.”

“This was an excellent way to gather a list of our community’s values.  As we gear up for UA’s 100th anniversary, I believe our core values have stayed fairly consistent since 1918- sense of community pride, our people, and meeting the needs of our residents for a high quality life- and that is something to celebrate!”

Both the Upper Arlington Community Foundation and the City of Upper Arlington sponsored the Leadership Upper Arlington Six-Word project.

Individuals of any age participated by creating and posting their six-word personal love story about Upper Arlington at the following locations from February 14 through March 14:

  • Alfred’s Barber Shop
  • Chef-O-Nette
  • Colin’s Coffee
  • Crimson Cup
  • Graeter’s Ice Cream
  • Huffman’s Market
  • Edward Jones – Joseph Lotozo’s Office
  • Municipal Services Center
  • The Old Bag of Nails Pub – Tremont Center
  • Upper Arlington Schools
  • Upper Arlington Public Library, Main Branch – Tremont Road
  • Upper Arlington Senior Center
  • Whole Foods Market
Six Word Cards are on Display at Alfred’s Barber Shop on Tremont Road.
Six Word Cards are on Display at the City of Upper Arlington’s Municipal Services Building

Past LUA class projects have included:

1995 Four projects that all related to communication within UA :

Communications: The New UA Way

New Neighbor Resource Fair

Getting to Know the New UA

Senior Citizen Outreach Program


UALP LeaderLink: a project to match volunteer leaders with agencies and promote Leadership UA

A Tradition of Execellence a brochure developed, designed, and funded that produced background information on the city, neighborhoods and schools.


Youth Leadership Program for high school freshman was conceived.

Economic Development project developed written materials and methodology to have several UA forums discuss the issue of funding infrastructure repair and maintenance.


“Civic Pride Day” established and co-founded with the community. The day consists of a clean up and beautification of the city with the UA Civic Association. Still an ongoing annual event.


Firefighter Combat Challenge, the class helped in all aspects of planning and execution of the event.

UA Community Center project studied the feasibility of such a center.


Youth Leadership Program first class based on the framework of the 1997 project has since moved into an active program.

Internet Website Project established our first website at


Volunteer Website, was developed for students to reference when looking for volunteer opportunities.

UA Foundation feasibility study was completed and short term and long term goals for the Youth Program was finalized.


UALP Float in Fourth of July Parade, Honorable Mention

Completion of the UA Foundation, fund was established at the Columbus Foundation

Parkette project, beautify an area of the city


Pool Concessions feasibility study

UA Historical Society Permanent Facility Study


Community Forum on economic and community development

Alumni Survey to aid in the creation of a comprehensive database


Volunteer fair for UA High School focusing on summer volunteer opportunities that would fulfill the service requirements for students.

Community linen drive in conjunction with Bed Bath and Beyond to support Material Assistance Providers, a non-profit organization that provides material goods to needy families.


“Hands Across the Community day was created. A collaboration of businesses donated materials and work was done by volunteers to homes that were cited by the city code officers as needing help.

UA Logo Store was created as a partnership with a local supplier and UA logo merchandise as created and sold. A percentage of the profit goes back to LUA.

Community Center Group planned a top notch survey to discover why the community center proposal failed in 2003.


Held a fundraiser dinner at Max and Erma’s to benefit Leadership UA and to connect Leadership UA Alumni

Planned the landscaping for and implemented the plan to beautify an area of Reed Road Park, called the Reed Road Walking Path.

“Dinner at the Firehouse”, funds raised for the restoration of Engine #1 Restoration Project


“Conversation Arlington” was developed to provide a independently funded and non-biased public forum for discussion of issues and opportunities facing Upper Arlington.


UA Green Day was created and held at the Tremont Shopping Center. Representatives of businesses and organizations promoting recycling, energy efficiency, clean water and more were on hand to talk to visitors.


Promotion of fundraising efforts for the Historic Barn to be moved and raised at the new Sunny 95 Park. This building will function as a shelterhouse, performance stage and rental facility filling a community need on the north side of Upper Arlington.


The class provided marketing support for the senior service weekends for the Commission on Aging/Kind Call along with volunteering to work one of the summer weekend slots. This provided the commission with much needed marketing, materials and a senior participant feedback form to help continuously improve the program.


Assisted in the organization and implementation of the UA Special Olympics 1st “Sip of UA” fundraiser.  This wine tasting event was extremely successful, a sell out. Raising funds of $7,000 for UA Special Olympics.  The Special Olympics Board received specific information about the event’s planning and will be able to repeat it for years.


Assisted in coordination and construction on the Barrington Welcome Playground


Created a website for “Healthy UA” providing resources within UA to assist in living a healthy life.


Researched Drug issues in UA, coordinated the placement of a prescription drug drop box at the UA Municipal Bldg.  Organized a panel conversation, open to the public, discussing prescription and Illegal drug use in UA.  Provided education on these issues thru flyers and newpaper articles.


Raised funds, $5200, to purchase “Big Games/Toys” and donated them to UA City Parks and Rec.  These games/toys will be used at Parks and Rec events and will be loaned to other organizations for family fun in UA.