Adult Program Curriculum Description & Schedule

2017-18 Leadership UA – Adult Program Curriculum Schedule

Leadership UA – where leaders grow! The Leadership UA program is designed to enrich our community by educating, engaging and inspiring current and emerging leaders to take an active and effective role in our community.

Established in 1988, Leadership UA provides programs that strengthen leadership skills, broaden understanding of local issues, and connect participants with others in the community.

Our adult program is designed to develop community leadership skills that grow participants both personally and professionally. Individuals involved serve their community, grow as leaders, gain valuable relationships, and strengthen their team building capacity.  Every year Leadership UA brings together exceptional leaders from business, government, non-profit and civic sectors.

Ideal applicants:

  • Hold or aspire to hold positions of leadership in business and/or voluntary organizations.
  • Have demonstrated a strong interest in and commitment to community service.
  • Have obvious potential for growing personally and effecting change.
  • Are willing to commit the time and energy necessary to fully participate.

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are held on Thursday evening classes begin at 5:30pm and conclude no later than 8:30pm. Dinner will be provided. Locations vary and are listed below.

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September 28, 2017 – Orientation – “Dine, Discover and Design”

Come together to discover the immense talent in the room. Class members will get to know each other by sharing about themselves, including their own thoughts on leadership. A fun team building exercise will help facilitate getting to

know each other. Leadership UA Executive Director, Mary Beth Cowardin will close the evening with a review of program mission and calendar.  The class will also be introduced to possible service projects to be executed during the spring.

Location: The Forum at Kingsbridge 4590 Knightsbridge Blvd., Columbus, OH 43214.

Saturday October 14, 2017 8:30a-4:00pm  – “A Journey of Self Awareness and Influencing Others”    

Kurt Yerak, Principal of the Key Leadership Group will facilitate a full day session that will get your Leadership UA Program off to an amazing start.  The day will focus on the most critical characteristics and skills required of participants.

Specifically, the workshop objectives include:

  • Deepen self-awareness (identify strengths, areas for growth)
  • Develop leadership skills such as coaching, providing feedback and delegating

The session design engages participants in various experiential learning activities.  It also enables participants to exchange views on leadership topics and reflect on their own habits and tendencies.

Location: The PAST Foundation, 1003 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212

October 19, 2017 – Candidates’ Night

As election day approaches, come speak to candidates running for Upper Arlington City Council and UA School Board to hear their views on issues. You will have an opportunity for face to face conversation about the issues facing our community

and help you decide who you want to support in the election this fall. Held at the UA Municipal Service Center, Council Committee Room and Chamber 3600 Tremont Rd.

November 2nd – “Transformational Leadership”

June Zeringue is a management consultant with Insigniam, a firm with more than 30 years experience in organizational transformation and breakthrough performance. Insigniam works with large, complex organizations in generating breakthroughs

in their critical business results. Ms. Zeringue will speak about transformational leadership and the skills essential to creating innovative breakthroughs in an organization that lead to growth, culture change, strategic implementation, and breakthroughs in results.

Location: To be held at the UA Main Library, Meeting Room B.

November 16, 2017 – “Civic Leadership” 

See how the city of Upper Arlington functions by meeting with our City Manager and Finance Director.  Learn about the key economic drivers in UA and learn what leadership skills are essential for both business and community success.  Participants will engage in a lively conversation with our City Manager, our Finance Director, our Economic Development Director and leaders from our Chamber of Commerce.  Meet in the Council committee room in the UA Municipal Service Center, 3600 Tremont Road.

November 30, 2017 – “Resilient Leadership”

Doug Ulman, President and CEO of Pelotonia, is a three-time cancer survivor and globally recognized cancer advocate. He is the former CEO of LIVESTRONG and founder of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. He has spoken to some of the nation’s most

acclaimed festivals and conferences, including the Social Good Summit, the Inc. 500/5000 Conference, the Aspen Idea Festival, TedxAustin, to name a few. A recognized non-profit leader, Doug will share lessons on leadership from his experiences dealing with and

advocating for cancer patients and growing non-profit organizations. To be held at the UA Main Library, Meeting Room B.

December 14, 2017 – “Understanding the Council & Safety Services”  

Meet with your neighbors who serve on the Upper Arlington City Council.  Meet with Upper Arlington’s Police Chief and take a behind the scenes tour of our police station.  Meet in the Council committee room in the UA Municipal Service Center, 3600 Tremont Road.

January 4, 2018 – “Explore Community Needs and Issues”  

As we start the new year, let’s consider the needs of individuals and families within our community. You will have an opportunity to select a community organization to connect with and will report out on the organization and share how we can make a difference in our community.

Location: Overmyer Hall Associates, 1600 W. Lane Avenue, Suite 200

January 18, 2018 – “Developing Your Leader’s Story”

Kevin Cordi, is an international award-winning educator and professional storyteller who believes in the power of play to help people and organizations re-consider the story that they and others tell about them and/or their company or community. He uses story to inform,

persuade, and play collectively to help the narrative be recognized and shine. His recent book (2014) Playing with Stories: story crafting for writers, teachers, and other imaginative thinkers has been used in businesses, schools, jails, and more. Kevin will help you develop the

story you need to tell and will share how play and story crafting leads you into knowing the narrative that is needed to promote your idea and your voice. To be held at the UA Main Library, Meeting Room B.

January 22, 2018 – “State of the City Address” – Optional event

This is a great night to come hear about the city’s accomplishments for the past year, meet various city organizations and meet others in the community. Several awards are presented during the Council presentation, so come celebrate the goodness happening in UA!  Held at the

UA Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Rd. Atrium and City Council Chambers.

February 1, 2018 – “Inside look at UA schools”

Come meet with the leaders of the Upper Arlington Schools and UA Education Foundation.  At this session, you’ll learn about the school system’s strategic plan, finances and budget, and the role of the school system in the community. You also will get a glimpse of the upcoming

annual State of the Schools address and how you might get involved in the future of learning in UA.  At The Innovation Lab, second floor, at the Upper Arlington High School.

February 5, 2018 – “State of the Schools” – Optional event

This is a great evening to come learn about the various programs going on in UA schools that are educating our youth.  You will have a chance to meet and hear from school leadership. Location: Upper Arlington High School, media center and cafeteria.

February 15th – Community Discussion – “Future of Schools Today” – Guests encouraged

As Upper Arlington gets ready for significant investment in renovating and rebuilding nearly all school buildings, come learn about trends in education today and how our new schools will be designed to meet today’s needs and trends in education, particularly in this digital age.

Tours of Tremont Elementary, which has just completed renovations, will be available.  Location: Tremont Elementary School, 2900 Tremont Rd.

March 1, 2018 – “Unleash Your Ordinary Superpowers”

Ready to unleash the full power of your natural talents? Mark Henson, founder of Sparkspace and author of “Ordinary Super Powers”, will speak about how you can create positive change by unleashing your ordinary superpowers, those the talents and skills that create the most

positive difference in your life, the lives of others, and the world around you. You will learn how you can make a ripple effect that will improve all areas of your life. To be held at sparkspace, 300 Marconi Blvd #206, Columbus, OH 43215

March 22, 2018 – “An Inside look at the UA Libraries”

Upper Arlington has an outstanding library system that provides access to a vast number of resources.  Library leaders will explain the fundamental philosophy of libraries and provide an overview of resources and services that benefit individuals, businesses and the community

alike and are available for free. You will also get to see the UA Historical archives and memorabilia. To be held at the UA Main Library, Meeting Room B.

March 31, 2018 – “Service Saturday”

This day is set aside for the class service project which will be decided upon in the fall. The project provides an opportunity to give back to the community and continue to get to know your classmates even better. Meeting location: TBD

April 5, 2018 – “The Power of Mentorship”

Mentorship has a long history of being a valuable leadership development tool for both the mentor and the mentee. Mentorship has the power to advance individuals, teams, and organizations. Holly Danzig, Director of Graduate Learning & Development, at The Ohio State University

Fisher College of Business will share insights about the different types and purposes of mentorship, what makes successful mentoring relationships, how to create a mentor program, and the new trend of “reverse” mentorship.

To be held at the UA Main Library, Meeting Room B.

April 18, 2018 – Volunteer UA Expo – Optional Event

This annual event provides a chance for you to meet with organizations around our community looking for volunteers to support their work. It is a perfect way to see many of the ways you might choose to give back.  The expo is held at the UA main library on Tremont Rd. from 11am to 5pm.

April 19th – “Adventures at our Firehouse”

This is often one of the favored classes of the year. We will tour a firehouse, enjoy a dinner prepared by the firefighters and learn about what our firefighters do in our community. Meet at the Reed Road Fire Station Number 72.

Friday May 4, 2018 8:30am-4pm  – “Leadercast LIVE”

Leadercast LIVE, is an epic leadership experience where you’ll hear from some of the most recognized leaders in the world and hang out with over 100,000 other leaders from around the world. The theme for Leadercast LIVE 2018 is Lead Yourself. The speakers who will take the stage will inspire you to lead yourself so you can lead your families, your organizations, and your communities. In 2018, the event will address questions like: How do you lead yourself effectively? How do you develop your core principles and values so that your leadership is an outpouring of your innermost self? And how much more will those who follow you benefit from your leadership when you lead yourself well? Author and Speaker Michael Hyatt will share his thoughts on personal productivity, authentic leadership, and building more margin into your life. Other speakers will be announced as the year progresses.    Location TBD.

To watch a short video about Leadercast LIVE 2017, click here.

May 9th – Spring Celebration – Graduation & Award Night

Celebrate the completion of your program at the Scioto Country Club with your fellow class members, family members and community leaders.  Leadership UA will present its annual community leadership awards. This special event is attended by alumni, board members, community leaders, and your guests.


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