Board of Directors

Leadership UA Board of Directors

Leadership UA’s Board of Directors is composed of hardworking volunteers who strive to maintain our excellent programming traditions. Directors serve on at least one committee and also participate in activities sponsored by the Leadership Program. Officers are selected each year by the board membership.

Leadership UA Executive Director

Mary Beth Cowardin

Leadership UA Board Officers

President: Thaddeus Boggs

Vice-President: Jennifer Faure

Treasurer: Charlie Snyder

Secretary: Scott Kidwell

Immediate Past President: Chris Taylor

UA City Council Rep: Carolyn Casper

Leadership UA Board of Directors
  • Thaddeus Boggs
  • Michaela Burriss
  • Sunita Byg
  • Carolyn Casper
  • Jennifer Faure
  • Scott Kidwell
  • Joe Lotozo
  • Debbie McLaughlin
  • Linda Moulakis
  • Kevin Mueller
  • Julie Nolan
  • Dan Ralley
  • Charlie Snyder
  • Chris Taylor

Non-voting committee members:

  • Lauren Emond, Programs Committee
  • Spencer Hawkins, Administrative Committee


From time to time an unexpected opening occurs on the Board. If you are interested in serving on the Leadership Board of Trustees, please contact us.